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Our team

We work hard every day to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and to bring the best experience in all areas of healthcare that we touch.  That’s our mission as a determined team of problem solvers and innovators. We often refer to inHealth as an organism rather than an organization. The culture is our DNA and it drives the mission, which consists of ingenuity, mindfulness, helpfulness, exploration, invention, and education. The organism rejects all that detrimentally challenge that DNA, enabling individual growth that positively contributes to the whole.


Committed to lives in good health

We are committed to bringing together the best minds from science, healthcare, and business. Those who succeed at inHealth are purpose driven, innovative, people who look to make the world a healthier place by redefining the way we build, implement, and re-invent healthcare for the modern world. 

inHealth deploys field team with new saliva detection for COVID-19


To help combat the spread of COVID-19, inHealth devised a new collection method and patient registration to improve national testing

inHealth teams up in development of nation's first saliva COVID test method


Working alongside universities and research laboratories, inHealth's lab team accelerates test method unaffected by supply chain constraints

A Q&A with lab director & CMO Dr. Deborah Keil 


Distinguished scientists join inHealth to fast track their research into meaningful results, improving patient care to millions nationwide. 

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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