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Software Optimized
Laboratory Ordering

SOLO is a comprehensive cloud based laboratory ordering platform, offering nearly every test providers need. Geared for frontline healthcare workers, SOLO offers a single source for laboratory ordering any category of testing, from basic chemistries to things like companion diagnostics. SOLO provides a simple web based interface with clinical pathway support, and quality assurance to prevent rejections caused by intake errors.  Providers nationwide - including large health systems, small family practices, and leading government agencies are using SOLO to order tests quickly, easily, and with optimal quality.


What is SOLO?

Software optimized laboratory ordering or SOLO for short, is a software platform we designed to eliminate the need for physicians to order lab tests from several different systems. Traditionally labs are sent to several different companies and each company has a different way to order. We created the Amazon of the lab industry to save physicians time, bring new revenue, and improve value. 

What does it cost? 

SOLO is free to providers and a pay-per-click model for laboratories. SOLO is a workflow solution that gives time back to providers, brings new revenue to commercial and hospital laboratories, and helps IDNs to diversify revenue streams. Our platform requires no costly integrations, plug-ins, or downloads and is made readily available through our easy and convenient web based format.


To learn more about SOLO pricing for your laboratory, click here

How does it work?

Powered by artificial intelligence, SOLO is a web based software platform that enables physicians to order any test, generate requisitions, and re-order tests quickly and easily. Our system acts as a fulfillment engine designed to consolidate all your ordering into one platform and utilize a local distribution hub to process samples and participate in the revenue associated with all your lab needs. 

Does it interface? 

Our system was engineered to play well with all EMRs and LIS/LIMS systems. We can interface via HL7, FHIR, API, and JSON. SOLO provides easy access and data integration to any operating system. 

Highest standards for data security and privacy

Utilizing Amazon Web Services, our HIPAA compliant software provides the highest level of security and encryption available to protect patient data. Physicians are granted access to our system with unique identification and credentials. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and continually go through updates and patchwork to provide continued peace of mind for our clients. 

Can it be white labeled?

Absolutely. Many of our clients utilize SOLO lab ordering in embedded formats within their own websites and systems. Any and all ordering processes can be fully custom and white labeled to meet our client's needs. 

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