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Our Culture

inHealth is committed to improving healthcare through service and technology innovation. We offer an amazing AI assisted clinical laboratory, a convenient ordering experience, and valuable industry and business insights. We are always innovating to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and available to all.

Clinical Toxicology

Powered by "insight" inHealth's powerful AI backed toxicology process optimizes testing results by treating each patient individually, rather than value based reference comprehensive drug screen and confirmation laboratory services for providers nationwide. 

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Environmental Toxicology

By understanding the amount of medication waste that enters the environment, we can understand how to best protect human health. Medications can pollute soil, water, and air, and they can pose a risk to human health if they are ingested or inhaled.

Infectious Disease

Molecular infectious disease testing can help to make communities healthier by providing rapid and accurate identification of infectious diseases, detection of emerging pathogens, surveillance of infectious diseases, and genomic characterization of pathogens.

Software optimized lab ordering (SOLO)

SOLO is healthcare's most comprehensive and sophisticated AI laboratory ordering platform. Qualify and order your tests in a fraction of the time through an easy to use, web based, streamlined ordering process. 

Turn-key lab development

inHealth's team of expert laboratory scientists, healthcare finance specialists, and field engineers, can provide turn-key laboratory services for laboratories and practices looking to gain a competitive edge with their healthcare offering. 

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Scientist Pipetting

We operate like a start up, embracing innovation and creating programs that benefit providers and the patients who rely on them.

Our passion for improving healthcare drives us to constantly innovate the customer experience for providers and patients alike.  Our day one mentality has been to be the patient or be the provider.  Literally, become the patient and work backwards from their needs. We are constantly seeking to improve our services, offerings, benefits, and features. 

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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