Outreach Laboratory

Our operations, fulfillment, and logistics make our CAP Accredited laboratory stand out in our partnerships with our health system and their outreach clients. Together, we create, expand, and manage our outreach markets to deliver the experience and value that our customers expect and deserve.  Whether we are developing a new outreach market for a large health system client, launching a turn-key reference laboratory, or providing services directly for small physician offices. We are constantly building on the our ideas to improve services, workflows, and the customer experience that makes life easier for providers and delivers assurance to the patients who rely on them.

Lab Worker

Order Management

Scientist on Computer

Our high complexity CAP accredited toxicology laboratory provides reference services for qualitative and quantitative diagnostic services. Powered by AI, our proprietary platform "insight" provides value based testing strategies for optimized results and clean claims. 

Logistics Management


As the developer of one of the first PCR saliva based monitoring and detection programs in the nation, we have a comprehensive suite of services to continue monitoring the novel coronavirus and its mutations for health systems, professional sports teams, government agencies, and more.

Laboratory Fulfillment


Bring unparalleled new revenue and margins to the bottom lines of your health system, our outreach laboratory programs refocus laboratory work flow away from third party labs and back in-house. Our CAP accredited laboratory fulfills your needs while we design and implement long term profitable laboratory programs for your system.