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Physician Office and Commercial Laboratory Development

Our operations, fulfillment services, and logistics management make our CAP Accredited laboratory stand out in our partnerships with our physician office lab (POL) and health system clients. Together, we create, expand, and manage opportunities in the laboratory industry, adding the experience and value that our patients expect and deserve.  Whether we are developing a new outreach market for a large health system client, launching a turn-key reference laboratory, or providing services directly for small physician offices. We are constantly building on the our ideas to improve services, workflows, and the customer experience that makes life easier for providers and delivers assurance to the patients who rely on them.

Order Management

Scientist on Computer

Laboratory Information Systems provide comprehensive solution for managing the operations of medical and clinical laboratories, but ones size and scope does not fit all applications. All LIS work to optimize lab efficiency, accuracy, and patient care, while reducing the risk of errors and compliance issues.

Finding the right system for your size, specialty, and operation flow is critical and inHealth can help you.

Operational Management


The most difficult business element for any laboratory is tackling all the new operational workflow and tasks. 


Tasks include enterprise resource planning, shipping and receiving, supply ordering, client side resupplying, inventory management and many other operational intricacies emerge when you start a laboratory. inHealth helps our customers develop simple management systems that handle all of these tasks.

Laboratory Fulfillment


Some business segments can even earn revenue while the solution is being constructed. Ask us which segments apply.


Bring unparalleled new revenue and margins to the bottom lines of your health system, our outreach laboratory programs refocus laboratory work flow away from third party labs and back in-house. Our CAP accredited laboratory fulfills your needs while we design and implement long term profitable laboratory programs for your practice or system. 

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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