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In everything we do, we believe that tomorrow's healthcare can start today. Our innovative laboratory model brings testing closer to health systems. Lowering costs, increasing value, and improving outcomes for physicians and the patients who rely on them. 

Our Model

We enable health systems to forgo the need to outsource their high value esoteric testing to third party labs. By developing an in-house testing program, we can improve testing options, lower turn around times, and lower patient costs - all while creating an entirely new revenue model for your system. 

Bringing together our clinical expertise as a high complexity laboratory and our unique laboratory innovations, we have created a first of its kind continuum of care that benefits patient, provider, and payer. 

Our Vision

At inHealth, we believe in the power of bringing laboratory diagnostic tools closer to the physician and the patient. 

We see an opportunity to bring a community centric approach to health systems that will lower costs and provide better outcomes through a unique approach that simultaneously brings entirely new revenue to bottom lines. 

Our key focus eliminates the need to outsource esoteric lab testing methods to third parties. Improving turn around times, lowering patient bills, and bringing more value to providers and patients. 

How we do it

We understand the unique challenges large systems face when implementing even the smallest changes. Our team works alongside yours to identify rapid revenue diversification and simple value propositions hiding in plain sight. From the C-Suite to your practices, we have mastered a simple and effective approach towards equipping your physicians with better tools for the communities they serve. In phases we will redirect high value, critical diagnostic tests that you currently outsource. Over time we will build, develop, and grow your influence and marketshare. Creating better brand recognition, bottom lines, and invaluable independent data. 


Our Team

Healthcare is an ecosystem and an ever changing one at that. So we started inHealth to create an alternative to fix our broken healthcare system. By circumventing traditional channels, bringing out sourced services in-house, and enterprising simple points of care, we are able to provide higher quality, higher revenue, and higher value for health systems nationwide. 

Management Group

We are a team of former health system CEOs that know the challenges leaders face in the dynamic world of healthcare. Throughout our careers we've been at the helm of small independent hospitals to billion dollar national brands and we've realized both can encounter the same problems. 

For Providers

We're here to give you better tools. Our proprietary process brings your patients some of the lowest insurance carrier pricing in the nation. With a tailor-made approach to medication management, monitoring, and diagnostics, we're here to bring you every cutting edge tool you need to help us make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and available to all. 


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