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inHealth Life Sciences is a laboratory and laboratory development company fast tracking the way laboratory diagnostics improves healthcare for people, physicians, and our planet. 

The past year has changed the way we think about healthcare. Whether you're visiting your doctor or accessing healthcare from the comforts of home, the best science has to offer should be easily accessible and affordable.


At inHealth, we're building a one stop shop for all your laboratory needs in a simple, secure, and user friendly format. 


Just because healthcare is complicated, doesn't mean getting and staying healthy should be. 



PCR is the gold standard diagnostic test for COVID-19. Our saliva test is contact-free, PPE friendly, and simple to collect. Order yours today!


Monitoring medication adherence is among the most challenging requirements for prescribers to meet. inSightRx by inHealth provides the most intelligent adherence testing solutions on the market.


Our Anatomic Pathology specializes in gynecology, dermatology, histopathology, gastrointestinology, and urology.  Order and sign digitally and experience our unrivaled customer support.


Click here to check your patient test results. 

You can also use the reports function to check for abnormal results across your entire tested population.


As we look to advance personalized medicine, we are continuing to expand our testing menus towards PGx, CGx, and cancer related test offerings. 


From general chemistries, hormones, and all things hematology, we offer the same great service for even your most basic diagnostic laboratory needs. 


Need a restock of your supplies? We're here to help. Click here for a quick and easy re-order of everything you need.


Our mission

To bring the best laboratory science healthcare has to offer closer to the patient and the physicians who care for them. Making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and available to everyone. 

A diverse group of scientists, healthcare gurus, builders, breakers, and market makers that simply want to make people and our planet as healthy as humanly possible.  

Who we are

We're building the best healthcare laboratory, ever. One that's obsessed with patient experience. From the ground up. Lab hasn't changed much in decades, we're fixing that.

Our vision

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COVID-19 Saliva Testing from inHealth Life Sciences - No cost to insured or uninsured patients.

inHealth is now providing our SalivirDetect  Saliva PCR COVID-19 diagnostic testing for $129.00.  Learn More