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Welcome to inHealth Life Sciences

inHealth is inNetwork to meet your laboratory testing needs. inHealth caters to meet  provider needs, exceed patient expectations, and deliver true value to insurance carriers.

A Better Laboratory Experience Lives Here

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Who we are

inHealth is a life sciences health care company and laboratory guided by three principles: bring the best laboratory diagnostics to healthcare, at the most affordable price, faster and easier than ever before. We make this possible for  by creating a service driven ecosystem  with consumer centric prices, easy provider workflow tools, and  optimal clinical outcomes. inHealth Life Sciences is the answer a much needed update for labs that fail to understand each stakeholder's value expectation. 

Mission / Vision

A leader in healthcare

We started this company motivated by delivering services that promote a life in good health. We are driven by our mission to innovate and improve the customer experience. 

What we believe

What drives us is our genuine belief that executing on our vision, mission, and values will make healthier, more productive, and happier clients. 

What we do

We deliver disruptive high value healthcare solutions that benefit all stakeholders in healthcare by driving value to the patient, provider, and payer. 

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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