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How we lead

In everything we do, we believe in making healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and available to everyone. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable by demonstrating these core beliefs every day, together, towards a life in good health for all patients, providers, payers, and our planet.

Be a leader, not a follower

We will never let a herd mentality kill our competitive edge. We continually push the boundaries to bring meaningful innovations in delivery models and laboratory science. We embrace the reality that innovators are often misunderstood, challenged, doubted, and opposed. To us, it’s assurance that we’re on the right track.

Customer Obsession

We exist to serve. The best companies came into existence because they made it their mission to improve the experience of being a customer or client. We wake up each day inspired to earn and keep the promises we make and to earn the trust of our clients when their journeys intersect with our services. Without patients there is no healthcare market to serve, so we start there, focusing on bringing value to each stakeholder in our processes.

Be practical

Healthcare is a complicated multidimensional landscape. Quick moving technology, escalating cost, and patient preferences are force us to be nimble. We choose to bring care to where patients want to receive their services in the most convenient settings and delivered by the people they trust the most with their care.  a As we invent better ways to do things, we always challenge ourselves to make healthcare processes seamless.

Be patient

As we build, we literally envision and become the patient in the process. What do I need? What do I want? What’s necessary, practical, convenient, and delivers value? Every single day, we put ourselves in the shoes of those whom we are obsessed to serve.

Respect, but push back

The best ideas need to be tested. We challenge one another’s ideas and recognize that being critical is the best form of flattery because we all want our visions to become a bulletproof reality. Lives depend on it.

Deliver results

Few things are as disappointing as potential. It’s your potential that loses clients. Potential is failure to convert ideas into meaningful initiatives. Many have great ideas; few execute them; and fewer yet see their ideas enact big change. We have big ideas, and a history of delivering  on our promises for our clients and their patients. It’s because we don’t sacrifice the potential of delivering big impact by being stuck in permanent beta. 

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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