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Our clinical toxicology programs offer industry best practices for the identification of drugs, chemicals, or toxins that effect patient care. We support physician decision making by monitoring and detecting potential adverse drug interactions and substance abuse from prescribed medications. Our proprietary software application, inSightRx, utilizes real time data backed by our powerful AI engine to lower patient bills and insurance charges while optimizing actionable clinical utility and service value. 

Simplified Ordering

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Software Optimized Laboratory Ordering platform SOLO is an industry first intelligent ordering system designed to save time and enhance value when ordering lab tests for your patients. Backed by our powerful AI engine, SOLO utilizes patient order history, prescribed medications, and more to bring all the testing you need quickly and easily. 

Value Based Testing

Data Cloud

Our goal is to provide services that don't put patients at odds with their providers.


Thus, built into our SOLO ordering platform is our powerful AI engine, inSightRx. Analyzing each patient result, inSightRx intelligently reduces the number of drug classes reported based solely on what is reconciled and discovered. The result is lower charges, lower spend, and EOBs that don't scare your patients away from this clinically valuable test.

Extensive Testing Menu


inHealth tests for more than 70 drug analytes representing drug classes that are common for abuse and adverse drug reactions. 

Our report summary provides compliance information in a format that does not put providers at odds with their patients.

Our tests are grouped into panels by each drug's mechanism of action (MOA). Grouping our reports by MOA helps our prescribing providers to quickly summarize our findings and how their patients may be adversely affected.

inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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