Next-gen toxicology services powered by insight Rx

Introducing "insight Rx" from inHealth Life Sciences - artificial intelligence powering lab information systems. Giving physicians the freedom to order the tests they need and giving payers the value of only paying for the results that benefit patient care. 

Urine & Oral Fluid Drug Testing

We provide health systems and medical practices with a comprehensive and flexible program for the definitive detection of hundreds of drugs and metabolites. 

Artificial Intelligence 

We wanted to give physicians the tools they need and patients the value they deserve. Our proprietary software development helps physicians order the tests they need and save patients from paying for only the results that benefit their care. 

Education Based Ordering

Clinical toxicology is a nuance science. Results can vary based on consumption frequency, patient genetics, competing medications, and windows of detection.  Our role extends beyond science by helping prescribers understand their patients so they can make more informed treament and prescribing decisions. 

Setting Patients Up For Success

Patients who take controlled medications or use illicit substances require providers who can approach their care with a high level of knowledge of expected findings and the pharmacokinetics at work for each patient.  Informed doctors have better success intervening in substance use care than their peers who are less educated. This sets your patients up for success in the care continuum.

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Working with inHealth Life Sciences improves clinical outcomes, lowers patient EOBs, and pushes the boundaries of healthcare further than lab has ever thought possible.  

Medication monitoring

Detect and support decisions regarding therapy and treatment

Patient advocacy

Advocating for patient price transparency and lower costs to payers

Illicit substances

Identify prescribed and non-prescribed substances to improve patient well-being

Flexible test menus

Utilize best practices and data sets to inform and improve patient test ordering

Adverse drug reactions

Detect and monitor medications that may result in adverse interactions

Easy ordering

Improved physician ordering and re-ordering process. Saving time and eliminating errors.

Experience The Difference

inHealth's LCMS/MS technology provides drug-specific identification and quantification for hundreds of drugs and metabolites using urine or oral fluid specimens 

For a detailed test menu or more information regarding your testing needs: 

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