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inHealth launches SOLO software program to streamline all lab ordering under one platform

July 22, 2021 at 8:33 AM CST

CHICAGO—(HEALTH WIRE)—Jun. 22, 2021 – A new service released today by inHealth Life Sciences significantly enhances the power of health systems and physicians to order and re-capture revenue-generating laboratory tests that escape to third party laboratories.

Available as a pay per click service, SOLO (software optimized laboratory ordering) provides an intelligence driven single ordering solution for physician office staff that bolsters productivity and delivers order side quality to our partner laboratories. SOLO was designed to be used as a modernized web-based platform that can be used without downloading software or apps or requiring an expensive data integration. SOLO produces laboratory requisitions and sample labeling that can be used by any laboratory capable of fulfilling a test order.

“We optimized the logistics and quality controls for our own esoteric laboratory services since our company’s inception,” says Trent McCallson, CEO at inHealth Life Sciences. “So much time and resources has been dedicated to the AI in the resulting process, but not in the ordering process. Our experience as a performing laboratory guided our development of SOLO. Pre-analytical errors from the point of order account for nearly all rejections at the lab. The COVID pandemic helped us to develop consumer friendly ordering experiences that we adapted into the clinic environment. It is simple, intuitive, and fast. SOLO provides users with clinical decision support and delivers education to the ordering staff about the science as they order and it has trickled down to a better patient experience. The last barrier was the payer decision tree, so we created an Amazon style hub for everything a physician could need when it comes to laboratory and leveraged artificial intelligence to drive efficiency, understanding, and expectations. SOLO emerged as a much-welcomed upgrade to the entire lab ordering experience.”

As physician markets continue to consolidate into larger health system owned medical groups, their laboratory work still utilizes multiple requisition forms or online orders, which then need to be sorted into multiple pick-up boxes that can travel across the country to multiple third-party laboratories. From here patients often receive confusing bills and explanations of benefits from multiple lab tests collected from a single doctor office visit.

“The delivery of laboratory services in the US is discombobulated,” says Tony Michuda, CSO at inHealth Life Sciences. “Look outside any medical practice and often you’ll see a handful of lab boxes going out to multiple labs every day. For health systems this is lost revenue, for physicians this is lost time, and for patients this means bills coming from all kinds of different laboratories and many times they don’t understand why. When you need to order or return something to Amazon you only need to go to one place to do it, so why not the same for something as critical as laboratory? Now you can ordering a basic blood test and a unique genetics test at the same time from the same place.”

Software Optimized Laboratory Ordering (SOLO)

Solo provides medical professionals with programmatic access to an artificial intelligence enhanced ordering experience that takes time consuming and confusing ordering protocols and transforms the order flow to a simplified stack that can be completed in a fraction of the time with routine re-orders completed in seconds.

- Web based platform, requires no costly integrations or plug ins

- Ai enhanced real time ordering assistant identifies patient order history, potential conflicting results from prescribed medications, and ICD identifiers to ensure clean claims

- Real world data empowers health systems to identify escaping laboratory volume and its revenue for re-capture

- SOLO enables health systems to re-route all laboratory volume through their locales and identify testing that can be preformed locally, all other volume can be referenced out towards maximizing revenue capture

- Eliminate the need for multiple drop boxes and pick ups from third party labs, all lab tests are sent to one convenient location for distribution

- Formalize test menus system wide, optimizing fee for value


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inHealth has a comprehensive AI platform that lowers patient bills, drives payer value,  and improves clinical outcomes.

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