Patients seek, physicians prefer, payers endorse, and leaders are proud of






Outpatient laboratory programs face significant headwinds in their desire to gain consumer preference, adoption, and support.


A market optimized laboratory program can boost revenue, create new market opportunities, provide valuable population health data and help drive a system's value proposition in the communities they serve.


Today, access and choices are the most important factors patients look for when evaluating healthcare providers. While many health systems are integrating tele-health programs, we have a first of it's kind virtual medicine kiosk that takes on all the demands of urgent care and dispenses medications. Lowering costs and diverting low acuity patients away from your ED towards the care they really need. 


Infection Control

As medication prescribing is on the rise, so are the presence of drug resistant pathogens. In partnership with Prime Medical, we have an industry first Chlorine Bio-Shield fabric that makes scrubs, privacy curtains, towels, and lab coats 99.99% anti-mircrobial. Virtually eliminating the transmission of communicable diseases hitching a ride on fabrics throughout your hospital. 

Artificial Intelligence

The power of AI in healthcare is becoming more and more effective in preventing physician error and burnout. Our AI team has integrated state of the art algorithms that support radiologists in their review and diagnosis of imaging for their patients. This has improved turnaround, lowered errors, improved claim submissions, and lowered physician burnout. 


As former health system leaders, we've experienced the challenge of containing costs categorically across the P&L.

  • Hospitals use 2.5 times as much energy as commercial buildings of the same size.

  • Hospitals average The average hospital spends $13,600 per bed per year on energy consumption.

  • Energy costs are projected to increase by more than 200% over the next two decades.


inHealth works with the most trusted energy industry experts and resources to present unique solutions for energy cost reduction without capital expense.