Reduce your energy expenses and improve sustainable best practices through innovation and collaboration.

All with the familiarity of your current needs. 


Energy Solutions 
For the Modern World 

We are the collaboration of former hospital CEOs, energy experts, healthcare entrepreneurs, and sustainability advocates. Through a proven business model, we provide healthcare systems with significant reductions in energy costs, consumption, and carbon footprint. Our program is easy to implement, requires no capital outlays, and is completed at no risk to your system or your patients. 

Our Mission

Every idea starts with a problem. In 2016 ours was simple: healthcare's footprint was on the rise and its energy consumption was outpacing its growth by a factor of 2:1. While technology has brought tremendous improvements to energy sector, healthcare systems have become the largest consumers of energy in the commercial sector and subsequently one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. How could this happen? 


It turns out there was a simple explanation. Energy efficiency and renewable alternatives are expensive, fragmented, and lack a single source solution for health systems. 


By aggregating energy customers, implementing innovative technologies to your facilities, and switching over energy delivery to 100% renewable sources, we can bring health systems to a sustainable future. 


total area of healthcare commercial buildings in the United States 2019


total energy healthcare consumes across entire commercial sector 2019

Our Model 


20% immediate savings on the same current kW usage. Contractually guarantees fixed savings for 20 years.


Our energy suppliers allocate 100% of your energy needs to renewable alternatives. Your system saves money while saving the planet. 


Dependable savings year after year. Our program requires no capital outlay and we take on all operational risk, costs to upgrade, and maintenance.

When the environment changes, there must be a corresponding change

in the way our business changes the environment 

In collaboration with

Keith Robertson



Keith is a well-rounded senior executive with over 35 years of international / national project management experience. 


​He also has design, engineering & planning, operations management experience in the development of major electrical power systems, commercial, industrial and residential construction, theme parks, and water parks, tourism and hospitality industries.

​He has been involved in total over $20 Billion in residential, commercial, industrials and hospitality development projects.

Christopher Johnson



22 years in the Development Industry with experience as an International Operations Leader with a reputation for developing and implementing innovative solutions that improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.


​Skilled in working with local, municipal, regional and federal level government ministries, agencies and initiative to address systemic level improvements in health, education, sanitation, water and economic related goals.


​Deeply committed to maintaining a high standard of integrity in all program initiatives, collaborations and partnerships in accomplishing all personal and organizational goals and objectives.


Broad experience in developing and implementing effective strategies for community-based problem solving and programs of self-determined development

Kerin Gillespie


Senior Advisor

CEO of Avec Health Solutions from August 2014 to February 2016.

President for Triad Isotopes, Inc. a private nuclear pharmaceutical company with more than 60 locations across the U.S. He was at Triad Isotopes from 2013-2016.

Executive Vice President, Operations Finance, with Health Management Associates, Inc.,(2011-2013) a $6 billion operator of 71 hospitals. In this role, he was directly responsible for the oversight of operating budgets, payor relations and patient financial services, physician practice management, clinical processes and patient safety, strategic planning, new joint ventures and physician practice acquisitions and integration.

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with Radiation Therapy Services (now 21st Century Oncology), from 2010-2011, where he was responsible for all financial functions including operating and capital budgets, financial planning and analysis, debt and capital structure strategy, treasury, risk management and tax strategy.

Chief Financial Officer of Ardent Health Services, LLC,(2007-2010) a $1.8 billion operator of acute care hospitals and other healthcare services, including a health plan, regional laboratory and large physician practice group in the Southwestern U.S.

Casey Francis



Casey Francis’ career in professional project and organizational leadership has spanned over 25 years and a variety of industries. Trained technically with a mechanical engineering degree from BYU, Casey has led small and large teams on projects in resort operations, automotive manufacturing and facilities development (Toyota), amusement attraction design and production, federal environmental remediation, and commercial renewable energy integration.


​While living in Hawaii he successfully brought commercial clients with multiple sites into single renewable energy contracts, and was a key player in Apparent, Inc’s efforts to open the grid there to competition, energy wholesaling, aggregation and microgrid development.


​Working from Hawaii Island’s OTEC “Energy Lab”, he engaged in research to move existing energy production concepts to marketization. He’s a believer in the widespread utilization of clean energy technology, because the real opportunity exists for forward thinkers to develop mass clean energy concepts that will make more economic sense than fossil fuels.