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Parkview Church East Parking Lot

11100 Orland Parkway

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OnMed Parking Lot

14105 McCormick Dr, Tampa, FL 33626



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Monday thru Friday

265 E Warm Springs Road

Suite 100

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119




48 hour

turn around

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Highest reliability

PCR test

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Easy saliva based

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contact free process

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no waiting rooms

How it all started

We believe healthcare should be more affordable, more accessible, and available to everyone. 

We also hated nose stick COVID tests. As the pandemic continued, we knew there had to be a better way to monitor and detect the novel coronavirus. So we partnered with our close contacts in the laboratory industry to begin developing a test that was easy to administer (also super kid friendly), could test a lot of people really quickly (hello drive thru), and eliminated the need for massive amounts of PPE (contactless and self administered). Oh and did we mention, our PCR test method doesn't need re-agents? So we don't need to worry about supply chain shortages. 

We didn't re-invent the wheel, we just innovated a better way to drive because we are obsessed with patient experience. We exist because we want healthcare to be simple and we want to bring the best science can come up to every community in the United States.


But most importantly, we want to help us all get back to family gatherings, out to eat with friends, and back to work that inspires us all to make the world a better place. 

Thank you to all our patients who have made this process so popular, who keep coming back, and entrusting us with your care. 


Thank you to all our patients who have told friends and family and encouraged so many to help us stop the spread.


Thank you to all our physician and hospital partners for giving us an opportunity to continue serving on the frontlines of healthcare. It's why we started this company, because we believe the science we develop today leads to healthier tomorrows.


To everyone, for everyone.  

In good health,