Our business continually evolves, but our core competency is all things life sciences and laboratory. It’s what drives us to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and available to everyone. Today, inHealth Life Sciences’ patients and partners can find all their laboratory needs in one convenient place. From helping health systems eliminate the need to outsource their laboratory testing to innovating one of the earliest saliva based COVID-19 tests in the nation during the pandemic, we are always finding ways to innovate and deliver on our promise to make healthcare better for everyone. 

SOLO lab ordering

Our proprietary lab ordering system. Think Amazon Prime, but for laboratory services. Everything you need conveniently ordered from one web-based platform. Meet our Software Optimized Lab Ordering system. 

Our laboratory 

We own and operate our very own CAP Accredited high complexity laboratory in Bozeman, Montana. Here we operate as a fulfilment center for much of our client’s esoteric laboratory needs and continue research and development on improved laboratory methods and new tests that provide improved healthcare outcomes. 

Revenue Cycle Optimization 

We create and provide our clients with access to our proprietary AI based revenue cycle systems that bring both fee for value and profitability to all of our programs. We are one of the first laboratory companies in the world to lower costs to both patients and payers while increasing profitability for our clients. Find out how. 

What we do

We work hard everyday to make people's lives better and the way to do that was to completely re-think the way laboratory is done from the ground up. 

We started this company because we believed healthcare laboratory services was due for a major upgrade. While technology has changed the types of tests that can be done, little has changed the way in which these tests were ordered, fulfilled, and brought value to all stakeholders in healthcare. inHealth's mission set out to change that and bring a benefit to patients, physicians, and payers. All geared towards lives in good health

More from inHealth

COVID-19 Saliva Testing from inHealth Life Sciences - No cost to insured or uninsured patients.

inHealth is now providing our SalivirDetect  Saliva PCR COVID-19 diagnostic testing for $129.00.  Learn More